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Faculty Highlights

The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment provides monetary and technical assistance to faculty research endeavors. We are proud of our past awardees and how our assistance has contributed to their research agendas and discoveries. 

Each quarter we highlight work of faculty we have supported. This quarter, we are highlighting the work of Brenda Davy and Navid Ghaffarzadegan. Past faculty highlights are listed below.

  • General Item
    Marrium Mansoor, left, observes Ben Katz, right, as he demonstrates how to use the fNIRS machine, which Diane Devine, center, is wearing on her head.
    Ben Katz

    Now is the Time to Start Working on Improving Cognitive Health

  • General Item
    Brenda Davy, Professor of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise, standing outdoors, in front of green bushes.
    Brenda Davy

    Building Evidence for Effective Weight Management Strategies

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