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Center for Communicating Science

The Center for Communicating Science  creates and supports opportunities for scientists, scholars, health professionals, and others to develop their abilities to communicate and connect.

The Center for Communicating Science

  • Provides learning opportunities such as workshops and courses in which tools from the arts are used to help participants learn to connect and communicate across differences, whether those differences be based on education level, academic discipline, research specialty, race, culture, religion, or others.
  • Provides opportunities for those interested in communicating science to connect and work together.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for communicating science resources at Virginia Tech.
  • Serves as a training ground for post-MFAs from programs around the country who wish to learn to apply their theatre and performance training to transdisciplinary areas.


New Communicating Science Workshop Series offered in Spring 2018!

Are you interested in making stronger connections with audiences? Beginning on January 17, the Center for Communicating Science will present a series of workshops intended to sharpen your skills of connection.  The series (called Wonderful Wednesday Workshops) is intended for scientists, researchers, Virginia Tech faculty and staff members, and students.

Each workshop will focus on a different topic and is geared toward a specific audience. For a complete list of workshops with descriptions, participant focus, place and time, click here.


Center for Public Health Practice and Research

The Center for Public Health Practice and Research (CPHPR) at Virginia Tech partners with an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff and students at Virginia Tech and community organizations to enhance public health practice and research in the region.

The Center supports community-based projects and studies by collaborating with community partners to compete for and secure funding, as well as providing public health content and service expertise. Through the Public Health Network, the Center partners with faculty, staff and students at Virginia Tech. The Center collaborates with these university partners on grant writing, study design, implementation and evaluation and offers technical public health expertise.

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