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The Policy SGA has partnered with Destination Areas and Strategic Growth Areas as well as other Virginia Tech departments and divisions to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. These joint activities include participation in or sponsorship of workshops and conferences and potential development of interdisciplinary curriculum and research.


  • Co-sponsorship of the Global Systems Science (GSS) DA and Policy SGA (PSGA) Synergies and Opportunities Workshop

The goals of this day-long event, held on September 29, 2017, were to identify areas for collaborative synergy and cooperation between the GSS DA and PSGA and showcase a model for future DA/SGA collaboration and shared innovation.

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The goal of this three-day symposium, held November 28-30, 2017, was to foster intellectual discourse around emerging questions of the human condition from multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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  • Support of the 2018 STGlobal Consortium Conference
    The STGlobal Consortium represents five universities interested in advancing science and technology studies and policy. Each year, the consortium organizes an international student conference in Washington DC to "inspire and challenge students to contribute to the forefront of research on science and technology policy and social issues, and to foster mutual understanding in the science and technology community."

  • Support of the Vibrant Virginia Initiative
    Vibrant Virginia is a newly formed initiative that will promote Virginia Tech faculty involvement in community and economic development in urban and rural Virginia. The program, supported by Virginia Tech's Outreach and International Affairs, Virginia Cooperative Extension, College Access Collaborative, School of Public and International Affairs and the PSGA, will be piloted in 2018-2019 in four regions of Virginia and focus on key societal issues.