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Faculty Highlights

The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment provides monetary and technical assistance to faculty research endeavors. We are proud of our past awardees and how our assistance has contributed to their research agendas and discoveries. 

Each quarter we highlight work of faculty we have supported. This quarter, we are highlighting the work of Kathy Hosig and Margaret Cowell. Past faculty highlights are listed below.

Click on the names below to view past Faculty Highlights:     

  • General Item
    Eric Jardine

    Shedding Light on the Dark Web

  • General Item
    Ashley Dayer

    Bringing the Human Dimension to Bird Conservation

  • General Item
    Barbara Allen

    Empowering Communities through Citizen Science

  • General Item
    Shyam Ranganathan

    The Consummate Social Sciences Collaborator

  • General Item
    Tina Savla

    A Fresh Approach to Addressing the Challenges of Aging and Caregiving

  • General Item
    Jim Hawdon

    Online Extremism in a Global Society

  • General Item
    Thomas Ewing

    Cultivating Research Practices and Collaborations

  • General Item
    Jungmeen Kim-Spoon

    Risk Decision-Making and Substance Use in Adolescents

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