This is a photograph of Burruss Hall
    This is a photograph of Burruss Hall
    This is a group of photos of Dr. Hall's research.
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The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment is a university-level research institute designed to support faculty in the social sciences, humanities, and the arts. 


ISCE's five research focus areas include:

  • Global Issues Initiative: international policy questions in areas such as trade and economic integration, global security, counter-terrorism, and public health
  • Human Development and Health:
    • Human Development: individual development within the context of the family, community, such as schools, and society, such as diverse cultures
    • Social and Behavioral Health: physical, mental, and environmental health influences on quality of life of individuals, families, and communities, including the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based interventions to address major public health concerns
  • Social Complexity, Risk, and Resilience: applied ethics, risk analysis, disaster management, ecosystem impact
  • Rhetoric, Representation, and Public Humanities: the transformative effects of technology on society, new media, and communication technologies, language and symbolic systems, and human creativity and technology
  • Community Arts, Built Environment, and Urban Formations: symbolic thinking and practical environments

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There is an open call for proposals for a limited number of meetings and events to be held at the Virginia Tech Research Center- Arlington. Funds may be used for facilities costs, food and beverage, keynote speaker's fees and travel, etc.

Virginia Tech is now a member of the Consortium of Social Science Associations.


ISCE-Supported Research

Denise Simmons' research on improving engineering students' preparedness for the workplace.