This is a photograph of Burruss Hall
    This is a photograph of Burruss Hall
    This is a group of photos of Dr. Hall's research.
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The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment is a university-level research institute designed to support faculty in the social sciences, humanities, and the arts. 


ISCE's five research focus areas include:

  • Global Issues Initiative: international policy questions in areas such as trade and economic integration, global security, counter-terrorism, and public health
  • Human Development and Health:
    • Human Development: individual development within the context of the family, community, such as schools, and society, such as diverse cultures
    • Social and Behavioral Health: physical, mental, and environmental health influences on quality of life of individuals, families, and communities, including the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based interventions to address major public health concerns
  • Social Complexity, Risk, and Resilience: applied ethics, risk analysis, disaster management, ecosystem impact
  • Rhetoric, Representation, and Public Humanities: the transformative effects of technology on society, new media, and communication technologies, language and symbolic systems, and human creativity and technology
  • Community Arts, Built Environment, and Urban Formations: symbolic thinking and practical environments

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An Undergraduate Research Opportunities database is now available. Faculty members can post research opportunities, and can use the database to recruit undergraduates to help with research by specifying desired skills, knowledge, and mode of compensation (for pay, credit, voluntary), and screening and selecting top candidates.

The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment is pleased to announce a call for application for its 2016 Senior Fellowship Program.  Open to all tenured faculty, the fellowship provides faculty the opportunity to develop new expertise in a research area, or deepen an existing area of research, as they advance their research agenda and prepare to seek external funding. Applications are due October 16th

There is an open call for proposals for a limited number of meetings and events to be held at the Virginia Tech Research Center- Arlington. Funds may be used for facilities costs, food and beverage, keynote speaker's fees and travel, etc.

Virginia Tech is now a member of the Consortium of Social Science Associations.


ISCE-Supported Research

Denise Simmons' research on improving engineering students' preparedness for the workplace.